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Who are we?

Perfect Luxe Play was created by a mom, for all moms with infants and toddlers close in age. My name is Deja and I am the mother of 3 babies – 4 and under.


Toddlers – it’s hard to imagine a more fitting name for this stage of development. Between the ages of 1 and 4, toddlers are scooting away from “babyhood” in search of new adventures. They’re learning to talk, walk and run, and to assert their independence. For my kids “outside” and “play” were becoming common requests. I wanted to offer that chance of exploration to my sweet babies so I went on a hunt to find it! I vigorously researched different ways I think would satisfy their needs and give me a piece of mind. 

After months of curation, our imagination-inspiring mobile play zones and ball pit rentals are here for not just my babies, but all infants and toddlers of Palm Beach + surrounding counties!

Get ready to amaze your tiniest guests and include them in every celebration by bringing Perfect Luxe Play!


More than 2 years after Hurricane Dorian, hundreds of families across the islands of The Bahamas lost their loved ones, homes and livelihood. Many families with infants and toddlers are still struggling to rebuild and restore some sense of normalcy. 


Perfect Luxe Play partnered with Atlantis Bahamas by contributing 5% of our annual profits to help provide supplies and food to the residents of Abaco and other family islands of The Bahamas that were affected.


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